We all know 2020 brought about change, uncertainty and a shift in our daily lives. Some found solace in reconnecting with their bodies through exercise and daily walks in nature, others used the opportunity to discover extravagant recipes. If you didn’t learn a new hobby, skill or became the next Joe Wicks. That is ok too. Many of us simply took pleasure where we could find it – in the simplicity of a hearty sandwich, warm dripping cheese on toast or a favourite nut butter (guilty as charged 🙋‍♀️). That’s why, more than ever, we are passionate about encouraging you to free yourself from compromise and cut out the confusion of healthy eating.

The start of a new year often spurs the start of a health kick, and we get it, after all the carb heavy treats during the festive period we know you can be left feeling heavy and in need of cutting back (on that note did you see our French Toast recipe  using up the Christmas Choccie?). Afterall, our bodies are well oiled machines that require the correct level of nutritional input.

Healthy French Toast

Our resolution for 2021 is what it’s always been, to support you on your wellbeing journey, boosting happiness, health and state of mind, one slice at a time. Reach your healthy lifestyle goals but have fun along the way! We’re here to encourage and inspire without judgement.

So, if one of your new year goals is to start making dietary changes towards a low carb lifestyle we’re here to make sure the food you eat brings you joy.

We’ve created some easy recipes with a low carb twist on classic, favourite dishes. Packed full of flavour, protein and nutrients you won’t feel cheated of a delicious meal. Why not give them a go?

Ultimate Bacon & Eggs Breakfast

Breaded Fish & Courgette Chips

Chocolate Stuffed French Toast

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