We simply couldn’t wait any longer. Christmas has come early at LivLife HQ with our sparkling new website launching!

Earlier in the year, you might have noticed we had a make-over. Our design no longer represented who we were – a vibrant, passionate business supporting people to live the life they want, without compromise. We wanted to communicate our core values of supporting people on their well being journey, boosting happiness, health and state of mind with nutritious and delicious food. So, we dived in and went for it – life’s too short after all.

With the help of Giant Peach Agency we rediscovered what LivLife really represents and how we could communicate this clearly. Our story started in 2013, when low carb diets first became popular in the UK. From our research we discovered people struggled to give up comfort food such as bread when shifting to a low carb lifestyle. That’s why we created the perfect product to ensure the humble sandwich and comforting toast could still be part of a healthy low carb diet.

But that’s not all LivLife represents, we discovered it’s so much more – inspiring, supporting and encouraging people to live life out of the ordinary. We share inspirational recipes that break the mould of everyday food, wellbeing tips and nutritional insight to help you say yes to possibilities and move from compromise to possibility.

Skip forward a few months, we have brand new visuals and redesigned packaging thanks to Design Activity and now we’re happy to announce the completion of our swanky new website for all our healthy recipes for a low carb lifestyle, nutritional information and products. Much easier to use (and look at), we hope you enjoy our new website and get inspired to LIVE LIFE!

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